frozen fruits
Why frozen fruits and vegetables are not harmful

Why frozen vegetables are not harmful to the press? If you, like most people think that fruits and vegetables are helpful, and only when fresh, it is probably time to let you know why and how the frozen ones can enjoy much more advantage in your kitchen .

Surely you will be much more convenient to prepare various products for the freezer when you have more free time and use them at the right time without delay to clean, white, cut and scrape. The important thing is just to get a hermetically closed bags that will not allow food to spoil or lose their valuable qualities and tastes.

One of the most common reasons that keep fruits and vegetables frozen is their seasonality. Much better is when you priyadat much strawberries in winter, snacking real strawberries, which may even have raised yourself in your garden in the summer and are frozen for later, instead of looking artificial ones in the big chain stores.

The same applies to all kinds of fruits and vegetables that I know that thrive in this season. For certain recipes sometimes use fruits or vegetables that are not grown in our country or others such and had to be imported from afar.

Do not look shiny imported goods, complete with chemistry in order to last longer and bet on frozen. They are also import, but since they are fresh, no need of and nothing but a freezer during transportation, which, in turn, increases the chances of such products do not contain toxic artificial impurities.

Often buy large amounts of carrots idea to eat healthier and to emphasize lettuces, and ultimately has not been able to use, all as often eat out or in the workplace. Rather than throw them away, learn to plan better.

frozen vegetables
poisonous artificial impurities in fruits and vegetables

The freezing process locks beta-carotene and antioxidants in carrots, thus they save that remain appropriate for long term storage and use, are just as useful as freshly severed.

When you decide that you will use spinach as a sauce to stews or soups, and find that you rarely have a fresh one in the fridge, because it is not among the most frequently purchased and used vegetables – bag from the freezer will be your best assistant .

Peas, green beans and corn may be the perfect complement both to your main dishes and salads and appetizers, which welcome guests. Secure several packages in the freezer and just ten minutes of steam will have vegetables in their raw form must handle at least an hour.

If you plan properly, not only you can have a wide range of real fruit and vegetables on hand, but they are washed, cleaned and prepared for the moments when you need them. Use freezer clever!