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This is a fruit cake and holds the first place in  ranking of the most expensive desserts in the world

The most expensive desserts in the world, this is Diamond Fruitcake – $ 1.65 Million. This is a fruit cake and holds the first place in the ranking of the most expensive desserts in the world. This masterpiece of confectionery is the work of a Japanese confectioner. For half a year he has been cuddling on the cake recipe. The work itself took him just one month. The cake has been decorated with 223 diamonds. But what exactly the other ingredients of the cake are, however, the sweet cider refuses to reveal to this day.
Strawberries Arnaut – these are strawberry candies and cost $ 1.4 million. They are hand-made by a confectioner in the French city of New Orleans, USA. The sweets are only five in number and are packed in red foil. Strawberry cakes, of course, are decorated with a diamond ring. The jewelery belonged to British banker Sir Ernest Kessel.

Platinum Cake – it costs 130 thousand dollars. The case is the Japanese pastry cook Nobu Ikara. The cake is several floors. It is covered with white chocolate glaze. It is decorated with platinum and brooch necklaces. The idea of ​​the cake maker was actually to encourage Japanese women to wear platinum jewelry.

Frrosen Haute Chocolate – 25 thousand dollars. This is a frozen chocolate dessert created by the confectioners of the Serendipiti restaurant and the Euphoria jeweler’s studio. The dessert is mixed with 29 selected cocoa ingredients, half of which are the most expensive in the world. It is decorated with a 23-carat gold foil. The dessert is available in cups of diamonds and gold bracelets.

Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence – $ 14,500. He is named after the hotel of the same name in Sri Lanka. Only there is the guest. It is decorated with golden leaves. Garnished with a mango, pour over a pomegranate and champagne compote. There is an 80-carat aquamarine gem on the cake.

Which are the most expensive desserts in the world?

Ranking has managed to select the four most expensive desserts that are available in restaurants around the world. The luxurious desserts are sprinkled with edible gold and decorated with diamonds.
Next to no less luxury dessert New Orleans. It comes from a patented blend of red berries, vanilla ice cream, red wine sauce, cream and mint. The decoration of this dessert is a 5-carat diamond ring that was owned by the British financier and philanthropist Sir Ernest Kassel.

fancy expensive desserts
The luxurious desserts are sprinkled with edible gold and decorated with diamonds.

Third place in the prestigious ranking is the Three Twins ice cream, which is valued at a large sum of $ 60,000. The key ingredient in this ice cream is a melting piece of glacier from Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. That makes the sweet temptation so expensive. Airfare to Tanzania, stay in a 5-star hotel, mountain walk and belly ice cream are included in the price. Finally, everyone who tasted this ice cream gets a T-shirt made of organic cotton.

The fourth place is the chocolate pudding of Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, which sells for $ 35,000. The chocolate pudding is made of expensive Belgian chocolate, golden caviar, and its 2-carat diamond decoration. To consume this dessert at the British hotel, you have to make your order three weeks earlier. Among the most expensive desserts in the world are the Sultana gold cake sold in Istanbul and costing $ 1,000. The cake is made from figs, quinces, apricots and pears, which for two years have been watered with Jamaican rum. Cake decoration is a mix of caramel, black truffles and gold foil. The world’s most expensive chocolate is worth 854 dollars and is the Noka brand. In its composition are included different types of cocoa from the best regions all over the world.