The best tea in the world
oolong tea variety is green and black tea that is derived from plant tea bush shortly before fully ripe

Today, the best tea in the world is the favorite drink of many. He has undeniable healing qualities. Globally offer more than 50 types of green tea, the most popular are green tea with jasmine or ginseng. Tea is a drink for connoisseurs. And although many of us consume it only in the colder months of the year or when struggling with a cold, the true connoisseurs of tea enjoy it at any time.

International Day of tea is celebrated on December 15 and the culture and traditions of drinking tea is different in different countries. Surely you curious to find out that tea in Tibet is served most often with the addition of milk from Tibetan yak, and in irregular cases, he added salt, butter, and fried flour.

In Mongolia they brew tea leaves with rice, even meat dumplings and melted sheep fat. But aside from tea tradiitsii and habits around the world now offer you the Top five of the best teas that you can see in the gallery above, and find out what makes them so special.

1. Green Tea
Green tea is made from leaves of the tea bush or plant Camellia sinensis. According to legend, the first cup of green tea has been prepared nearly 4000 years of Emperor Shennong.

The best green tea
Green tea is made from leaves of the tea bush or plant Camellia sinensis

2. White tea
White tea is a sophisticated drink for connoisseurs. It is considerably more expensive than green tea. It is known that in steaming turns slightly. White tea comes from the very young and tender leaves of the tea bush and contains very small amount of caffeine, which allows its consumption in large quantities;

The famous oolong tea variety is green and black tea that is derived from plant tea bush shortly before fully ripe. This is polufermentiral May who has the qualities of green tea, but intense aroma and taste of black tea. Tea oolong has the ability to burn fat in the body, thus preventing blood vessels from the accumulation of plaque, cleans the body of toxins and balance the levels of blood glucose, i.e., suitable for people suffering from diabetes;

4. Rooibos

The best white tea
White tea is a sophisticated drink for connoisseurs

Significantly tea called Rooibos miracle of South Africa. It is derived from a shrub that prinadlazhi to the family Fabaceae and grows just a few overs in South Africa. Producers of tea rooibos offer two types – black and green rooibos. Both are excellent antioxidants that restrict the movement of free radicals, strengthening the immune system of humans and slow down the aging process. Among other benefits of rooibos tea is the fact that it does not contain caffeine, which makes it appropriate to use at any time of the day and all – children, elderly, nursing, etc .;

5. Honey Bush
Honey bush is relatively unknown in our tea. It comes from the so-called. copper bush, which is a rare plant that grows only in one place in South America. Tea Honey Bush belongs to the family of Rooibos, but there are different, naturally sweet taste, as evidenced by its name. This sweet tea is rich in flavonoids, which have anti-oxidant properties. Moreover Honey bush is useful both for women and for men, it has the ability to regulate hormone balance, decreases the risk of prostate cancer and act prophylactically to breast cancer and ovarian cancer.