Red velvet cake with chocolates introductory words before the recipe itself. I was thinking of sharing with you this recipe for St. Valentine, but my favorite readers asked me to release it earlier so they had time to do it. Let me see you then. You probably had no idea what you were doing. I myself have been postponing “this project” for several years, but I was constantly dizzy. I wanted to make a cake in the form of a box of chocolates, and although there are different versions on the Internet in different languages, I wanted mine to stand out.

True, it may not be perfect, but I can tell you that there is no part of it that is not perfect in taste. I could very easily reach for plasticine fondant and Photoshop, to patch it, but I want to show it to you in all its beauty, as natural and delicious as you can make it under your fingers. You don’t have to be in love to love, or you don’t have to be hungry to cook. I, who am still on a diet, ate only from the sight and from the happiness that burst in my heart when I finally finished this much-coveted cake.

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I want to share it with you not only as an idea for St. Valentine’s Day, as an idea for any holiday, and you can make it even easier in a rectangular or round shape. In a rectangle it will be easiest for you to dress it in chocolate, and if you are well married you will be able to afford a hundred tons of chocolate so that you can invest in a healthier coating 🙂 I, who still share budget money for food and money for culinary projects, I decided to go thinner this time, but it still became very tasty. In addition to trying a new recipe for red velvet cake with chocolates, I came to new conclusions to achieve an even richer color, and I hope my tips will help you for future cakes.

I will overwhelm you with photos, but this is a cake that you should see from every angle and I will show you that if there is a desire, there is a way. Is there a Bulgarian engineering thought, there is no way there is no way. I am glad that I love and that I have loved ones who love me, so there is not a single day in which everything will be showered with a heart to boycott to demonstrate a position. If I dare to demonstrate a position, I will introduce an annual Purge, but I try to bend my hat on the more peaceful side.

If you, like me, are betting on the good over the bad, and you don’t need a reason for that, but it’s welcome – let’s go wild in the cavity! On a diet or not, cooking always makes me feel good, and when you see the satisfying smile of the half, whose snout at the end still sits a piece of chocolate, you know that happiness is really in the little things. Well, not always 🙂 For example, with this cake I decided to have a little “Go big or go home, because not only is it one of your most juicy red velvet, I dressed it in walls of real chocolate, which I decorated with gold paint and I painted with ganache.

If you want, you can use my previous proven recipe for red velvet cake with chocolates as a base, or try the new one, and I’m sure that in this cake everyone can show imagination in cream, shape, decoration and what not. I can’t wait to see your options and I hope you have very happy occasions in which to skull not only with candies on the table, but with a whole cake “Chocolates”. If you want a more detailed description of how to make ganache, I’ve just written it a thousand times and there’s no point in extending the recipe!

I can’t deny that despite all the cakes I’ve made, I’m very proud of this one. It may not be perfect, but so it is in love – the important thing is to be real. I created it with a lot of love, enthusiasm and I hope you will feel it, charge and infect yourself with it, so that you want to recreate this emotion for your holiday as well! I know that from now on they will make me do it for many occasions ahead, in different forms, but I am excited to see yours as well. Write me what you think, how you feel, whether it inspired you.

I love the feedback from you and I know that much of my love is you – the readers. With the greatest desire I cook for you and I hope to be at least one of the money that makes you smile during the day! And for the cake – what can I say that the photos can’t – nothing! Chocolate bear, taste and aroma, tenderness and aggression in one and only makes you want more and more.