Healthy eating
Healthy eating how to achieve it, once again it is time for the promise of a new, different and better start

Healthy eating how to achieve it, once again it is time for the promise of a new, different and better start. This year, however, may be able to keep their promises. If you follow the lower rules, it certainly will live a truly healthy life.

This is how to achieve it

– 10 push-ups every day – with time it will become a habit that will make you strong and healthy;

– Bring color – each dish has to be colorful. Colorful foods are rich in vitamins and antioxidants;

– 10 minutes away – whether you walk on your lunch break or after dinner, the important thing is to spend at least 10 minutes outdoors. It fills you with mood;

– 5 minutes more – when you exercise, always add 5 minutes on top. These are at least another 70 calories;

– No dairy! – No matter how useful their daily consumption leads to swelling, acne and irregular stomach. Therefore, it is better to avoid them at least once a week;

– Increase the weight – gradually increase the weight of the dumbbells with which you exercise. So muscle will be built in stages;

– Cook healthy – if you can not, learn. Foods such as tempeh and tofu bring you not only health but also new and unfamiliar taste experience;

– Bring your lunch from home – unless you save, so plan a healthy menu;

– Vegetables for breakfast – troubled by vegetables for breakfast is one of the most enjoyable ways to take a dose of so useful plants;

– A few minutes of exercise every day – every move counts. Here are a few ideas – squats while brushing your teeth, strips, while watching TV, or stretching in any getting out of the chair and the chair;

– Replace one meal with a large salad – that will bring unprecedented power;

cabbage carrot salad
Healthy eating how to achieve it, the way is simple, put your easily achievable goals. The change is achieved gradually and will.

– Plan meals – take your time over the weekend and prepare a plan. Then make preparations. So will you be easier on weekdays;

– Healthy food in the freezer – quinoa or beans in the freezer always an option for a quick and healthy dinner;

– Shoot your food – this is the perfect way to keep a journal of eaten and keep track of calorie intake;

– Snacks high in fiber and protein – a healthy alternative to conventional snacks are vegetable chips, roasted chickpea curry or snacks soy-based;

– Without sugar every day – at least once a day, replace the cookie with fruit;

– Brush your teeth immediately after eating – this is a method of denying food after dinner;

– Vegan once a week – it will definitely give you energy.