Algae food
British scientists studied the composition of algae found them useful compounds known as bioactive peptides

Algae food for longevity, according to British scientists studied the composition of algae found them useful compounds known as bioactive peptides. These substances are found only in more milk.

In European cuisine algae do not enjoy a great honor. However, they are among the foods that prolong human life. They help to reduce high blood pressure, by which the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced.

Recommended for people suffering from hypertension. In an aqueous medium algae are those which produce organic substances. About 80% of all organic matter produced on the planet are their work.

Even if you are not accepted directly, indirectly they are included in virtually all food animal species. Some types of algae have not changed for billions of years. Japanese cuisine most actively used  algae.

In the country they can find absolutely everywhere as they sought product. They are preferred because they have fewer calories and are a staple food in many diets.

Benefits of Algae

At only 30 g of dried seaweed contains a daily dose of 150 mg of iodine needed per person. Regular intake balance his blood sugar levels and cholesterol, improves pancreas and metabolism of endocrine glands.

Calcium contained therein is absorbed optimally by the body. They are therefore recommended food, especially for women, prevention of osteoporosis.

food for longevity
Algae food for longevity because their regular balance blood sugar levels and cholesterol

Most seaweed, such as sea kale laminaria, brindled pale purple, green alga sea lettuce are used for food. They were cultured in littoral regions, to obtain a large amount of biomass.

It is used to feed livestock and fertilization of crops. Such plantations of algae are sort of peculiar plants that purify the water. Besides food, algae are more numerous applications.

They are derived potassium, fiber, alcohol and acetic acid used in the chemical industry. They are the main ingredient of many products of pharmaceutics.

Due to its rapid propagation of seaweeds produced and biomass heating. Carry out trial and for their incorporation in eco homes and even – in space technology.