Here’s how to find there additional sugar in dried fruit? The best alternative when the afternoon we priyadat much something sweet are dried fruits. Waffles and chocolates can be replaced with dried fruit – dates, figs, apricots, apples and chips etc. In seasons when there is not much fresh fruit, dried appear salvation of healthy eating. They can be prepared in different recipes, be combined in the desserts or savory.

Additional sugar in dried fruit
Technology of drying fruits and more information about the different fruits

In industrial drying fruits are used:
– Glucose or sugar syrups – the goal is to increase the sweetness of the fruit, but it affects negatitivno on the health of people with vine.
– Aflatoxins – they cause cancer;
– Sulphur dioxide and sulfates – the goal is to keep fresh and bright color of the fruit. Negatively affect people with asthma.
– Glycerin, which shine and smoothes the surface of the fruit.
Drying evaporates liquid fruit and they reduce the overall volume and sugar are felt more intensely. This makes dried fruit sweeter than fresh, but it does not mean that all dried fruit sweetened with extra sugar syrups. Sugar retains the resilience of the fruit over time.
Dried figs
How can we know whether there are additional sugar in dried fruit?
Some dried fruits are sold with noticeably white. Prepared so because it is pressed into a rice flour. The fruits, which are dried in a wood oven, are more useful. More and more manufacturers noted that the method of drying because it’s healthier.
The fruits that are packed, must have a label and it has been written that contain added sugar or other sweeteners. Nutritional value and calories are a good guide for the content of added sugar in the fruit.

sugar in dried fruit
Here’s how to find there additional sugar in dried fruit?

Fruits that are loose, usually do not show the presence of sugar, or lack thereof, but is designated price. In the absence of information it is good to look appearance of dried fruits.
Here are some tricks that can recognize healthiest fruits:
– A crumpled and ugly fruits are close to the natural state;
Caramelized fruits
– When fruits are darker in color, show that fruits have no added sugar;
– A more exotic fruits such as papaya, pineapple, mango usually not dried and candied are. Easily recognize them because they are cut in regular size and feel are more rigid;
– Ask the sellers themselves whether fruits contain additional sweeteners or sugar. They are required to have this information and show it to you.